Insect and spider identification

Would you like to learn more about the creepy crawlies that live in your local area? We are experts in the insects and spiders of Sydney, and we can teach you the basics of who’s who and what to look out for in your local parks and gardens.

Workshops include hands-on invertebrate survey techniques and identification using microscopes and field guides.

Sustainable household and garden management

When gardening in the city it is sometimes difficult to know how to grow the plants and food that we love while also supporting a healthy environment. We run workshops for urban residents and gardeners to help them identify the “good bugs” living in their houses and find sustainable ways to manage insects that are causing problems.

Communication skills for scientists

Our consultants are all science communicators, with experience sharing our stories with scientists, the public and the media. We run a range of workshops including:

  • Social media for academics
  • Communicating your research to the public
  • Writing/producing popular science articles and podcasts
  • Being the “expert”: media relations for scientists