Schoolyard biodiversity surveys

It’s possible for students to be engaged with nature and to explore ecological concepts without even leaving the school grounds. School yard biodiversity surveys and experiments help students to appreciate and identify the wealth of life around them, and can be used to demonstrate the impact that humans have on natural ecosystems. Surveys can include plants, birds and/or insects can be conducted by simply walking around the grounds, or we can design experiments using camera traps or insect traps for more targeted questions.

Citizen Science

Would your class love to be involved with a citizen science project but you don’t know where to start? We can come to discuss all the different studies that are available in Australia, help you choose a project (or two!) and develop lessons to introduce your students to the concepts and to conduct the experiments. We will act as intermediaries between the scientists conducting the research and your students to ensure you have all the background information and are able to explore the results of the research.


Our consultants can give tailored presentations for classes from kindergarten to year 12. Some of the topics we cover include talks on:

  • Insects and spiders, birds, reptiles, mammals
  • Urban wildlife
  • Sustainability
  • Life as a scientist

We can also give specialist lessons on biological topics such as pollination or life cycles. Get in touch if you have an idea you would like to explore.

Hands on classes

Biology is a fantastic subject for students to have hands on experiences. We can conduct classes ranging from insect discovery and identification for kindergarten kids to field and laboratory experiments for high school classes.