Guided bush walks

Sydney has some wonderful patches of urban bushland, and you never know what creatures you will find living there! We lead small group bush walks through Sydney, bringing our years of experience, and where that fails, our trusty field guide books, to identify the plants and animals we encounter.

Walks can be tailored for groups of ALL ages, and can focus on particular animal groups (our favourites are spider and insect walks!) or we can just explore.


Educational seminars

We love to share our passion for the environment with local community groups.

Some of the topics we can present include:

  • Insects and spiders
  • Birds, reptiles and mammals
  • Urban wildlife
  • Back yard biodiversity
  • Sustainable pest control
  • Sustainability

Biodiversity surveys

If you would like to discover and identify the creatures living in your back garden or local area we can help you conduct a biodiversity survey. We will discuss the range of techniques that can be used (depending on the plants or animals you are most interested in) and design a survey that suits your area. There is the option for us to conduct the survey OR we can design a protocol that you can conduct yourself. We will also help with identification of the organisms observed and analysing the data. These can be one off investigations or part of a long term monitoring scheme.

Nature play

One of our particular passions is getting kids out and exploring nature. Children can appreciate nature from the moment they’re born, and we can help with a range of activities to bring out their curiosity and creativity. Everything from sensory play in the bush for babies and toddlers to out door science experiments and nature diaries for school aged kids.