Dr Lizzy Lowe

 Lizzy began her career studying honey bees in Perth after which she completed her PhD on spiders at The University of Sydney. She now works as a researcher studying spiders and insects at Macquarie University.

As a scientist Lizzy is passionate about helping people learn about and appreciate nature in cities (especially spiders!). She has over 6 years experience in exploring the wonders of urban nature with kids and community groups.

For more about Lizzy you can find her on twitter or visit her academic web site.

Events and workshops are primarily run by Lizzy, but Living City Science also has a network of talented and engaging scientists with a range of expertise throughout NSW who are available to run events on specialised topics. Please get in touch for more details.


“Fascinating and entertaining, with an underlying important message about biodiversity conservation.”

“Truly excellent, great to have such a passionate and informative speaker on an interesting and surprising topic.”

“An energetic and passionate presenter on an interesting topic – good choice!”

“Excellent presentation. Passionate, knowledgeable/persuasive. Really enjoyed it – exceeded expectations.”

Land and Environment Court Annual Conference Dinner


“I wanted to let you know that we have had such positive feedback about your talk, on the night, and subsequently. People thought it was fantastic and fascinating. Today at Bushcare, volunteers were saying how differently they were now looking at spiders, and one member was pleased to report seeing a jumping spider in the bush, which he may not have noticed or remarked upon before.”

Wollicreek Fundraising Dinner


“Your visit was much enjoyed by both children and educators. Your enthusiasm for spiders and their importance was infectious! The children are even more curious about the spiders that might be hiding around and are using the magnifying glasses to look for tiny spiders like the Peacock Spider.”

Gumnut cottage daycare visit